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Who is eligible to join the SSE and compete in events?

Any high school within the Las Vegas and Henderson area is eligible to join the Silver State Esports as long as they contact us and give us the proper information to get registered.

Is there a fee to join the Silver State Esports League?

There is NO fee for joining the Silver State Esports , but there are venue and tournament fees for events  since that is the arrangement we have made with the venue owners. Anything else that cost money

What other fees would a player need to pay for?

Players would only need to pay for the events they actually attend. These fees would typically be about $10 in total per student per event. Games with team entry may have a different fee than games with solo entry. Some events may not charge the players to compete at all.

Where does all the money end up going?

The Silver State Esports League is a non-profit organization. Any money that the player uses for our events goes towards costs for managing the programs such as the venue owners, the prize pool that the players are competing for, and towards any of benefits we provide for the students.

What are the perks of joining SSE?

Whether it's through events or partnerships, Silver State Esports offers a plethora of opportunities for high school students. Whether your goal of improving their skills well enough to become pro esports players or enhance your resume by .

Are you backed by the CCSD or any other government affiliated organizations?

We are not in any way affiliated with CCSD but still want to give high schools within the state of Nevada an opportunity within the Esports Community that would typically not be available to them at their local high school.

Who plans and promotes all these events?

Silver State Esports is 1 primarily run for students by students. Most events are planned and coordinated by students, under supervision, who help run and maintain their own esports/gaming Clubs.

Will there be documentation of these events?

We plan to to Live Stream our events onto our Twitch Channel and make highlight videos for our Youtube Channel to help promote our players growth in the community. Also photos may be taken for our website and social media. (If you would wish to have a video or picture of yourself removed please contact us immediately!)

How will you be able to communicate between schools across the valley to coordinate events?

It is essential for us to have consistent contact via Discord and Email with the club leaders at each high school in order to be able to promote our events and explain information that may be vital for people to know.

If my school currently doesn’t have an esports club or one that I’m aware of, can I still compete in events?

While some events require a school club, a majority of Silver State Esports Events are open for any high school student to enter! Even if your school doesn’t have a gaming related club you are more than welcome to compete in our events.

Is there transportation from schools to your events?

For all events, Silver State Esports is not responsible for transportation. Each student attending any events will have to be responsible for their own transportation to and from the event.

Still have more questions?

Feel free to contact us via our email address,, for any questions, comments, or concerns. The best way to get in touch with the community would be our Discord Server! (Link at the top right of the page)

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