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Club Partnership

We are partnering with every high school esports/gaming club in Las Vegas! 

Year round, we reach out to students and teachers alike to help grow their individual clubs. Through the partnership, they will have access to exclusive events and opportunities only a select few clubs in Las Vegas will be able to be apart of. 

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Program Info

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Partnership Details

This program is considered to be the Gateway Program into Silver State Esports. Once a club is partnered with us, they will have access to a plethora of opportunities and experiences to enjoy! Currently, there are over 35 different clubs all across Las Vegas that have partnered with us.

The benefits of being partnered include:

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In order to qualify for this program, the club must meet the following requirements:

  • Create a club with at least 5 student members all from the same school.

  • Make sure that the club has the proper  requirements needed to be considered an official club at the school.

  • Have the club join the Silver State Esports Discord server and create a dedicated Discord server for the school club.

  • Fill out the form with the proper information regarding your school's club.

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Club Information

To get your school partnered,  fill out this form ASAP to ensure your club doesn't miss out on any opportunities. In this form, we ask for Club Officer and Advisor information. We tend to ask for Discord Tags and Emails as points of contact to send event and program information directly to you, so make sure to have those prepared.

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Coming Soon

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